Server rules

Rust is an adult sandbox game and every eventuality cannot be covered in rules,
however the following guide will keep you on the right path

Trust - anything with 2 legs - don't trust it.

Hackers - will be banned without hesitation (using external programs/code to create an unfair advantage over other players)

Doxxing - is not tolerated - do not give out your personal details to strangers.

Threats - real life threats are not tolerated.

Spamming / advertising - spamming chat or advertising random shit will get you banned.

Sexual graphics on signs - provided there are no children (under 16yrs) or animals depicted - have fun ( poor animals)

Abusing Server Team Limit (NO MORE THAN 4 PLAYERS)- The Team you start with is the team you should finish with! This includes spectating other groups raiding ...its 4 man team limit - if in doubt ask.

Clan alliances are not permitted - its a 4 man server, no exceptions.

Ban Evasion (If you're banned and return on an alternative account, you will be banned again)
If you choose to play with cheaters , you may be banned from our servers for cheater association. Dont play with cheaters.

Attempting to deliberately affect server performance is not acceptable and will lead to a ban, this includes threats to affect the server up-time or performance.

Admins and moderators have jobs and families - we don't have time to deal with petty arguments

We are here to help and if you wish to be abusive or disrespectful to the Staff then you will be removed / muted and even banned.

If you wish to appeal a mute or ban, please create a support ticket and it will be dealt with as soon as we can.

Keep toxicity to a minimum and try and be a friendly member of the community.

All violations of the rules will result a mute / kick / ban!